Whos t i dating

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When Tip mentions that it was Tiny who left and got a new house, she interrupts him and says, “Because you started cheating.” Tiny explains to the camera that her husband “had some infidelities with a girl I hired, and that girl is one of the reasons why I got my own house.” That doesn’t stop Tip from talking about Tiny going out with “a dude you know I don’t like,” one that Tip says he’s “at odds with.” And Tip assumes that Tiny slept with him. Tiny Spills All Of The Tea On Her Divorce Fallout No one can deny that Tiny Harris hustles hard when it comes to her family and her career. Although she's not focused on dating again at the moment, when she is ready to get back out there, the 41-year-old said she's going to need a man with a sense of humor to keep her happy.

At about into the video as published by Street Vue TV, something prompted Tiny, 41, to address whether she should or would go back to TI, 36.'No I'm not gonna go back to TI,' she said in the video.RELATED: Now That Her Marriage Is Ending, We Can't Wait To See Tiny Get Back to Hustling For Herself "It's just is what it is," added Tiny."I'm just focusing in on the kids and giving them all the time and then something comes my way.She went on to point out that singer Usher was present and kept eyeing her as well. did not mention anything to her about having a wife, but said it was safe to assume that he believed she knows about Tiny. She said that the rapper does contact her every once in a while but she ignores his messages because she is now in a relationship.

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