Nick jonas dating slena

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” Another celebrity website refutes the claim, saying that the source “Selena and Nick’s date was ‘awkward at first.’ They arrived at the restaurant and hugged each other before they headed inside and got a table in the back.Eventually, some of their friends joined them and helped them break the ice a little.According to the magazine, Gomez and Jonas were recently seen at the same dinner party.The magazine reports that Selena and Nick were the first to arrive, and “Selena seemed guarded, but Nick definitely tried to flirt with her!

But, considering the last guy she collaborated with she wound up hooking up with (DJ Zedd), isn’t it basically the same thing?Speaking to Access Hollywood ahead of his Atlantic City concert, the 22-year-old actor-singer said that he's romantically unattached to anyone."I'm very much not in a relationship, which is contrary to the things I have read," Jonas said.However, Selena and Nick called it quits that same year.Nick Jonas has dismissed rumors that he's already in a new relationship following his split from Olivia Culpo in June.

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