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Not sure how the media caught up with this guy, but they did and it was something to see. Checkout some notes from a fundraiser the First Lady spoke in support of him.

First Lady Michelle Obama headlined a fundraiser Thursday evening to benefit Terry Mc Auliffe, the Democratic nominee for Virginia governor, at the Sheraton Premiere hotel in Tysons […] Kenya Moore (The Real Housewife of Atlanta) has a really nice home out in the suburbs of Atlanta. She had a really nice home out there in the A-town, but no longer.

"Like, if I start to write screenplays and I want to [compose the soundtrack].

Or if I’m making certain product designs and I just want to release music with every shirt I design.""To be clear, there’s no retirement.” And he’s not in conflict with Big Boi: "It’s kind of like growing up in a house with your brother, people expecting y’all to live in the same room and have bunk beds forever,” says Benjamin.

Women seek men that give them stability and support.

You don’t have to agree for your moral compass to be in sync.

So obvi I told my hubby I wanted a fence down the property line ASAP because I didn't want to have to call to see if they were shooting (in my yard) every time I wanted to hike etc. You would have thought we literally took something from them. You're cool as long as your getting something from me but as soon as I say enough you threaten me? #lmao They swear we're just as dumb as they are.

A number of issues come to mind about this […] OMG! The word is out that J Drew is hanging out with DEELISHIUS!

Now this one is worst than Bishop Noel Jones and Lisa Raye or Marvin Sapp and Armani.

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