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" I feel like the guys who are really creepy don’t even bother to read my profile at all," she told Slate.

Ashley Olsen may have turned 30 this week, but that’s not too old to have boyfriend nearly twice her age.

In the early days, developers designed using the arcade model, which gave players a limited number of lives in games like Super Mario Bros.

In the 1990s, they started giving players infinite lives in single-player games like Uncharted 2.

You'll be surprised by how much she opens you up to the greatest things in life — things you otherwise might not have had the courage to do or see. She knows what it takes to make it to the top, and she'll always find new ways to try and get there.

Oh, and by the way, this all applies to her bedroom etiquette, as well. This unwillingness to back down carries over into everything she does — including romantic relationships — and she'll never let anyone get in the way of what she wants.“Stage-Five Clinger” isn't on her list of potential performances because her independence makes her more than capable of standing on her own two feet.

Originally from Melbourne, the couple told me about their journey and exactly how they landed on such a unique style.

In artistic fashion, they were actually two separate artists until one acid-filled night when they started to paint together and collaborate on styles.

Gensler told Slate that her drawings are "all based off of these guys’ profile pictures, so their faces and their general positions are the same, but from there I tried to make them look a little chubbier or scrawnier or just not particularly well-endowed."Although she did warn potential matches on Tinder and OKCupid that she would draw them naked and post the pictures on the Internet if they sent her a rude message, suitors were undeterred.

Whether it's about how to meet or approach a girl, what you should do to charm her on a date, how to seduce her into your bed and maintaining the relationship, you will find all the answers here!

Here, you will learn a wide variety useful dating tips to make you a great player or lover; from the best pick up lines to use to attracting and keeping your woman interested in you.

Cocktail party fodder: Somewhere, there’s a guy working out of a garage making GPS systems especially designed for cats, says Paul, who ordered one for Tibby off a website she describes as “strange …

full of crude drawings and stiff English.” Cocktail party fodder: You can’t donate blood in the United States or Canada if you spent a significant amount of time in Western Europe between 19, because you might be incubating mad-cow-like prions.

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