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I loved BYU, and I loved being part of that crowd, up in the stands, screaming for victory.

Outsiders will never appreciate the heart-thumping loyalty of BYU fans, because our commitment is rooted in spiritual devotion.

During those years, the Poinsettia Bowl’s attendance averaged about 32,000.

Growing up Mormon, BYU football was just as much a part of our religion as family prayer, daily scripture study, and three-hour church on Sunday.

My father woke us every morning with the Cougar fight song “Rise and Shout!

"BYU has a great relationship with the San Diego Bowl Game Association and appreciates the wonderful hospitality they've shown us for many years," Holmoe said.

"Although we were sorry to learn the Poinsettia Bowl will no longer be played, we understand the decision and wish Mark Neville, Ted Tollner and their bowl committee the very best.

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