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The early polling returns suggests, not all that surprisingly, that the town hall rancor, which is centered on concerns over the impact of a health reform bill, is being followed closest by self-identified Republicans.

Nearly 80 percent of Republicans in the USA Today survey said they were watching the proceedings very or somewhat closely and a majority (51 percent) said the town halls have made them feel "more sympathetic" to the views being expressed by the protesters.

A West Virginia State Trooper walked to her car window, flipping open his ticket book.It argues that, after Jayson Blair, authority is not the same at the New York Times, either. Dave Winer is the software wiz who wrote the program that created the modern weblog."Web Users Open the Gates." My take on ten years of Internet journalism, at Read: Q & As Jay Rosen, interviewed about his work and ideas by journalist Richard Poynder Achtung! Jay Rosen explains the Web's "ethic of the link" in this four-minute You Tube clip. He's also one of the best practicioners of the form.It's about the transformation of the journalism world by the Web. Town square for weblogs: Insta Pundit from Glenn Reynolds, who is an original. If someone were to ask me, "what's the right way to do a weblog?Five years later, Chris Lydon interviews Jay Rosen again on "the transformation." (March 2008, 71 minutes.) Interview with host Brooke Gladstone on NPR's "On the Media." (Dec. Presentation to the Berkman Center at Harvard University on open source journalism and New Assignment. " I would point them to Doc Searls, a tech writer and sage who has been doing it right for a long time.

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