Farting sex chat

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Writing quality is probably the same as the last eight stories.

Afterwards Mr Methane gets the tram to Thornton Ceveleys for an evening meal in The Cleveleys Kitchen certain in the knowledge that Lenny Goodman never has this much fun when he comes to Blackpool with Strictly Come Dancing.Contains: Fart (obviously), and Fluttershy's chapter contains a brief, softcore, non-descriptive instance of , but I don't think it's graphic enough to warrant an M rating (I've seen more graphic scenes in some T stories).Not intended for anyone who doesn't either have a fetish for it or find it funny.Mr Chaponda's Democratic Progressive Party will bank on its majority to pass the amendment to a law which was first introduced in 1929.The amendment, which will make farting in public an offence, is not yet public and it will be presented to parliament for debate as part of a review by the state-sponsored Law Commission of the country's penal code.

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