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This is a term used referring to the range of disabilities caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol.The following symptoms are associated with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS): The picture shows what regular alcohol use can do to an unborn baby's brain – the one on the left is a healthy baby; the one on the right has full FAS.Below are some very useful facts to know about pregnancy, as well as the truth behind some of the common pregnancy myths that you may have heard.8 out of 10 teen parents don't end up getting married to each other and children who live apart from their fathers are 5 times more likely to live under the poverty line than children with both parents at home.The Isle of Man Health and Lifestyle 2009 survey tells us that 15.3% of all adults binge drink, which suggests that for some young women weekend binges are becoming a regular event.This can be a particular problem in the first few weeks of pregnancy when some young women do not realise they are pregnant yet. Ania Kowalik is a reproductive endocrinologist at a clinic called Fertility Solutions in Dedham, Mass.

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Learn More In the spring of 2012, a web cam was installed for the public to view a pair of osprey at the Fairgrounds.

There are many different research aims from the program, but primary among them is to better understand the interactions between humans and cougars in this space shared by the two.

Boulder County Parks and Open Space has cooperated since 2007.

He called his partner, and her gasp was loud enough that Evan held the phone away from his ear momentarily.

He pulled up a calculator to figure out his due date.

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